Lunatic Player

Enjoy Gensokyo Radio in an all new way.
Free and open source.

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Latest Release

v1.0.6 (x86), ~2MB .zip file


Source Code

Hosted on GitHub

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Song History

Keep track of every song being played. Lunatic Player stores everything including metadata and cover images. Never worry about finding that specific song again.

Screenshot of song history window

Extensive Metadata

Using the data provided by Gensokyo Radio, Lunatic Player provides extensive metadata for your consumption. Easily export track information to JSON or look up more with quick links to Google and TouhouWiki.

Screenshot of song history window


Any support for Linux (macOS)?

Development of Lunatic Player isn't focused on other platforms than Windows (currently).
You should check out Tom's Receiver instead, which runs almost everywhere.

I'd like to have feature x implemented.

While I love working on Lunatic Player, it's just a side project and merely a hobby. You can add an issue at the GitHub repository and I'll consider implementing it.



  • Windows 7 (required for taskbar features)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 - Download


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